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Short Courses
Earn BBB-EE Skills Development Points and Improve your employee skills. Browse through our Skills Courses Below:

Work Readiness

This is an incredible, internationally approved work readiness programme designed to assist matriculants, graduates and interns to better integrate into the working world by providing them with the soft skills to better secure jobs and move up in their organisations.

Product Knowledge

Facilitation of Insurance Policy Wording

Microsoft Office

Teaching the basics of computer use to allow learners to gain confidence to perform basic skills and expand their knowledge.

Regulatory Support Workshops

Preparation for the external exams via the FAIS approved examiners.

National Credit Act/NCA card

Teaching the purpose of the National Credit Act to regulate consumer credit and improve standards of consumer information.

Foundational Computer Literacy

These specific Microsoft Office courses teaches efficient skills to allow user to organise and complete tasks quickly, present information.

Performance Management

This course will give your managers the confidence to better manage performance and work towards improved outcomes and productivity.

Time Management

This Time Management Course will provide you with the tools & techniques to become more productive and to manage your time more effectively.

Code of Conduct/ Ethics

Business ethics are an essential focus in organisations. This course is designed to develop skills in recognising and analysing ethical issues.

Customer Care

This Customer care course is for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their business’s image by consistently providing extraordinary customer service.